Big Horn Point

Just a little preview of a house that Adam and the guys finished up a number of months ago. We were finally able to get our awesome photographer out there (the talented Hayley Kaemingk of and are so excited to share this house with you. It was built for an incredibly sweet couple, with whom Adam grew especially close, as they collaborated on their dream retirement home. They had held on to the lot for quite a few years until just the right time to build, and the house and setting are amazing. You can catch the house and more details about the build in the "Home in the Hills" section of the next Black Hills Lifestyle magazine. 

Additionally, because it is a good time of year to reflect on our blessings and share our gratitude, we are especially thankful for our homeowners who hold a special place in our hearts as we have gotten to know some really awesome people through the years. We (Adam in particular) spend a lot of time working closely with people on their houses, and we've been fortunate to get to work with some great people and make lots of new friends.